Metal Bender and Metal Slice Kit

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Here you can order a Metal Bender Kit, large or small or just the metal bender itself. These are great for bending other metal Charms such as hollow shapes or paper glitter without creasing it. You can order the metal slice Charms separately if youre only interested in those. The heart bender is aproxx 3.1cm by 3.5cm. The star bender is approx 3.8cm by 3.6cm.

In the large Kit you get 1 metal bender, and 40 pieces each of bitch, fuck, boss, FF, savage, and crowns, metal slice charms

In the small set you get 1 metal bender, shooting stars and crowns. You can also but just the bender itself. If you'd like to swap out the metal slices please message me on IG before you order.