Navy Star In Star Glitter Nail Set

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100% Handmade Set. Beautifully crafted for each person. Made to Made to order some please factor in a week to be sure your nails are made perfectly and can get to you in a timely fashion. 

Both hand are the same unless otherwise specified

Length shown is Medium Coffin

Available in: All lengths and shapes. Gem type and placement may change depending on the length and shape chosen.

Each Set contains 10 false nail. See attached size chart image and put your sizes in the notes section for each hand and finger.   Left: thumb, index, middle, ring and pinky. Right: thumb, indeed, middle, ring and pinky. Please include the shape you'd like in addition to your nail sizes

We also have added a 20 Piece Ready To Go Set that will give you 2 of each size for those who aren't confident in their sizing. 

Each order includes: an orangewood stick, alcohol wipes, mini buffer block, sticky tabs, and detailed instructions how to apply and remove your press on nails.

This design is one I found on Fashion Week 2021. I had to take the original and switch some things up. Here's my interpretation of them. I'm also using my Star In Star glitter to give it and extra OOMPH!