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This box comes with 2 summer fun mix packs(4 pinapples, 4 palm trees, 4 shells, 4 conche shells, 4 suns, 4 seahorses, 4 starfish, 4 turtles(which are a bit heavier than the other shapes) each of pineapples, 4 pink oval leopard print Charms, 2 diamond pink leopard print, 2 diamond brown leopard Charms, 6 random evil eye glass Charms, 10 red pearl Charms, 10 purple pearl Charms, 2 packs of mix sized colored pearls, 5pcs each of half circle shell Charms in pink purple blue and cream, 5 pieces each of rectangle shell Charms in blue green cream and pink, 2 white Koi fish, 2 red Koi fish, 2 pink Koi fish. 2 gold butterfly Charms, 2 pink cameos, 2 purple cameos, 4 dollar sign bling Charms, 4 B-doll head charms