XXL Coffin Gel Nail Tip Kit

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Each kit comes with 1 bag of tips, 1 glass nail file, 1 100/180 grit file, 2 sheets of gel tabs, 1 orangewood sticks. There's 12 different sizes with 20 pieces of each size to give you 240 Gel Nail Tips. They're very flexible. Great for Apres dupes and press ons as well. 

You can also order just the bag of Tips instead of the kit.

Finished nails in the pictures are not included. They're examples of my work on these tips


Size 0: 44.5mm by 13.5mm

Size 1: 43.5mm by 12mm

Size 2: 42mm by 11.5mm

Size 3: 40.5mm by 11mm

Size 4: 39.5mm by 10mm

Size 5: 39mm by 10mm

Size 6: 38.5mm by 9.5mm

Size 7: 37.5mm by 9mm

Size 8: 37mm by 9mm

Size 9: 35.5mm by 8.5mm

Size 10: 33.5mm by 7mm

Size 11: 31mm by 7mm